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About LJ Hooker Development Services


LJ Hooker Development Services (LJHDS) is a full service property consultancy that is driving a powerful new approach to successful project marketing.  Our proprietary technology system is changing attitudes and expectations to deliver high value sales faster and cheaper than ever before. We are property people first and foremost.  Our methodology proves that data must be managed by property people who understand sales.

Starting with a high level assessment of the project, LJ Hooker Development Services formulates an initial strategy before delivering a custom marketing plan that combines digital and traditional techniques.

LJ Hooker Development Services will optimise your project's presence in the target environment with the right website architecture, content and positioning, to maximise its ability to be found. 

Using our proprietary MiNT platform, we montitor all activity and analyse the data before creating proactive outreach messages to engage with buyers. 

Developed by property experts, our new generation e-platform establishes content with lead scoring based on buyers actions against property protocols. 

With lead scoring based on buyer actions online, we track and weight consumer interaction objectively. We analyse the data to plan and review strategies that improve future outcomes. 

The buyer concierge function builds and nurtures relationships, before connecting leads with sales personnel for conversion. The concierge supports staff and ensures sales performance. 

Using existing databases through outreach, LJ Hooker Development Services creates a funnel to capture, organise and prioritise data, ensuring true buyer behaviour is identified and nurtured. 

The sales process is initiated and managed through the intelligent use of data, giving sales personnel the insight to efficiently convert leads to sales. 

LJ Hooker Development Services enables you to build a qualified and current project database which provides lead generation or market research for future projects and reduces costs by eliminating network sellers or marketeers. 

90 Years of Innovation

Over the past century, modern Australia has been built on a foundation of hard work and passion, and its people, due to their geographic distance, have developed an innovative spirit.


Our team at LJ Hooker Development Services is highly regarded amongst our clients and customers for our professionalism and the results we deliver in our local marketplace.

Our Team

LJ Hooker Development Services prides itself on being driven to achieve success, but we're also a company of genuine, committed individuals who work together as one team to help you achieve your real estate dreams. Maintaining honesty, integrity and professionalism, we provide a level of service that is unmatched within the highly-competitive real estate marketplace.

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Whether you are thinking of buying, selling, renting or investing. Contact the team at LJ Hooker Development Services for all your real estate needs in Development Services and surrounds.

#1 Brand in Real Estate

Research says we’re Australia’s #1 real estate brand. That’s fantastic and we’re delighted. Why? Because it means that you thought of us first for your real estate needs. But we’re not going to rest. We will just keep doing what we can to help you realise your real estate dreams and take care of the #1 that matters most to us. You. Let the team at LJ Hooker help you realise your real estate dreams.

What Our Customers Say

What our customers say about us is true testament to the impact we have on lives every day.


We believe a community is much more than simply the houses in it. It’s the spirit you find there that makes your neighbourhood feel like home. That’s why we work closely with the community we’re a part of to bring about real change. Whether it’s working to help schools, lending LJ Hooker marquees to community events or raising funds for the LJ Hooker Foundation you’ll find LJ Hooker in and around our community. It’s where we feel we make the greatest difference.